Friday, June 17, 2011

Analysis "Truman Capote: About the author"

This article is about Truman Capote’s work, how he started writing and created the New Journalism style. Truman Capote had a lot of interest and passion in writing he started writing in the New Yorker Magazine where, after publishing “Miriam”, the editor of the magazine made him sign a contract with Random House, where he published his first book, “Other Voices, Other Rooms”. Having a lot of critiques about this book, he answered them by saying that he was doing a research of another book “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, which took him a lot of time in which he would recall the experiences he lived while publishing his first book and becoming famous.

Nevertheless, Capote wasn’t happy enough, he wanted to write different kinds of stories, like a journalistic text, so he went to Kansas to learn from the people that lived there and the assassinations that had happened. “I wanted to produce a journalistic novel, something on a large scale that would have the credibility of fact, the immediacy of film, the depth and freedom of prose, and the precision of poetry”; he created “In Cold Blood”, which was the story that gave him all his fame. Capote was so delighted by the success of his novel that he began to write “Answered Prayers”, but the publication of the first chapters was so bad and so criticized that he stopped writing it, although he said he was writing it. After his death, everyone thought that this novel would be published, but there was no evidence of his work.

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